Are you getting ROI from your content marketing?

RoC Consulting can help ensure return from your content marketing investment.

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About Us

Brian Carlson: Founder

Brian Carlson, founder, CEO, RoC Consulting, digital content, content marketing, content management

Brian Carlson has over 20 years’ experience as a leader in digital content, technology, marketing and publishing. His experience includes Head of Content Marketing and SEO for Travelers Insurance, Editor-in-Chief of CIO for IDG, and Senior Director of Product Development for UBM. 

In his varied career, Brian has developed, launched and managed over 20 websites and led 10 content management systems (CMS) installations, as well as set up the first enterprise content marketing operation in one of the largest commercial insurance companies in the world. 

In launching his own marketing consulting agency Brian wants to help brands connect with their customers for an extended trusting relationship that will improve acquisition and retention. 

Our Data-Driven Approach


Our consulting services includes a comprehensive review to help identify gaps and opportunities in your content marketing strategy and operation, resulting in a detailed report to address your particular organizations needs and business goals. 

As marketing consultants, we are experts in a data- and results-driven approach and methodology.  We can help tune and optimize your content marketing programs to positively impact performance both organically and in paid amplification campaigns.

Data-driven content programs are key to building a customer-centric business and marketing strategy that will engage customers through the full journey. 

We Can Help you Deliver ROI

roi; return on investment

Getting a content marketing operation off the ground in any company, regardless of size or industry, is not a task to be taken lightly. Thankfully RoC marketing consultants have years of real-world experience in both setting-up and refitting existing content operations to align to customer-centric marketing plans. 

RoC Consulting can deliver the right –sized strategy for your business and budget. We provide advice on staffing and hiring of content and related professionals, hands-on guidance on data-driven strategy, and consult on content management technology and martech platforms and services.