Content Marketing Strategy


RoC has 20+ years experience developing and running data-driven digital content and content marketing programs and services for publishing companies and brands looking to build trust and value with their customers and deliver profitable results to businesses. 

Adherence to a data-driven approach, along with a strong creative focus on high-quality customer-centric content development, makes RoC the ideal partner for companies who want to build audience and engage in a lasting relationship with their customers. 

Martech and Content Tech


Roc has deep experience in installing, retrofitting, redesigning, and managing enterprise-grade CMS and DAM systems for some of the most demanding applications and companies in the world. 

We have created content marketing programs for marketing and CX professionals looking to deliver a unified experience to their customers. We have a deep understanding of martech solutions like customer data platforms (CDPs), DAMs, VoC, intranets and digital experience (DX) platforms.

Staffing, Hiring and Training


With dozens of years of leadership experience in the hiring and management of hundreds of employees in content, editorial, technology, operations and marketing, RoC can provide you assistance in bringing on and staffing these highly specialized skill-sets, as well as guidance in setting goals for them. 

In addition to consult services for hiring and employee management, RoC also provides workshops and training sessions in content marketing and assorted areas. Please contact us to find out more. 


Webinar: Does Your Org Need a CDP?

CDP, customer data platform, martech

The right CDP can create an actionable, meaningful 360 degree view of your customer that's necessary to compete in your industry.

The CIO as a Culture Change Agent

culture change agent, CIO, leadership, technology

Over the next few years, CIOs will be tasked with steering cultural change in their respective organizations in order to drive the digital transformation efforts that are necessary to support innovation and implement customer-centric strategies.

7 Tips to Successfully Implement a CDP

CDP, customer data platform, 7 tips

According to the CDP Institutes June 2018 Industry Update, the customer data platform (CDP) market is exploding with a 76% increase in employment in 2017 and $114 million of new investment in the first half of 2018 - for a total investment of $1.47 billion. 

How to Future-Proof Your CIO Career


With the era of mass digitization upon us, a CIO must be an enabler and supporter of organization-wide digital transformation efforts in order to sustain a future-proof career and ensure a seat at the leadership table.

An Overview of Customer Data Platforms


What is a CDP Exactly? A customer data platform (CDP) is a data management solution that imports customer data from multiple sources, integrates, cleans and organizes it, and creates a unified profile of every single customer.

3 Tips to Improve IT Employee Retention

employee retention

In an improving economy with low unemployment rates, employee retention should be top of mind for hiring managers in organizations of all shapes and sizes. 

AI and Automation Can Supercharge Your DAM


AI is poised to make a significant impact on the workplace. This is why you need an intelligent performance DAM that can manage your full content life-cycle. 

Top Technology Challenges for CIOs in 2019


In the continued evolution of the CIO role, 2019 promises to be a significant year for technology leaders across all industries and organizations. 

Financial Services: Cybersecurity Threats and Regulations

cyber security

Financial service firms must be concerned about cyber-threats that are constantly evolving, making consistent planning and preparation an ever-present concern. 

Tech Strategies Digital Experience Leaders Use to Support Innovation


For digital experience leaders to be successful in deploying and getting business value (ROI) from their digital experience platform investments, they need to be mindful of employing the type of technology strategies that will enable innovation. 

DAM Content Integration Is Critical to a Unified Customer Experience


The unified customer experience (CX) is quickly becoming the Holy Grail for marketers and customer experience professionals all over the world. 

Tips for Evaluating, Setting Up and Supporting Your CDP


It’s time to research the right CDP for your particular business and customer needs, and think about what questions you should be asking yourself about setting up a CDP, integrating it into the rest of your martech stack, and supporting it in an ongoing basis.